Do you still believe in Santa?

Whether Santa Claus exists or not is relative – we, raised watching Disney movies, appreciate the time given to us to discover this magical secret on our own. It is one of the best ways to train your imagination! However, very often it is the parents who take on that role.
The very concept came up during a discussion on whether the parent has the right to interfere with the kids imagining Santa. Is the popular method of raising a kid without lying to him a question of “the kid’s own good”, with emphasis on mutual kindness when it comes to gift giving? Or is it a question of brutally stripping the kid’s childhood of fantasy?
We decided that our little girl would learn it all by herself, with all of the consequences included.

Our original, short animation film, finished right before Christmas, touches upon the subject of believing in Santa in a humorous way.

The characters were animated to imitate a cartoon-like style, and the inspiration for the scene in the hall was “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick.

It brings us great joy to be our own client for once.

ClientOMI Media HouseAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2017ServicesCreation, direction, video production, video postproduction